David Veksler is an expert in applied cryptography and Blockchain-powered services. His projects include:

  • Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy: David is CTO of the Atlanta Bitcoin embassy.
  • Vellum Capital, David is Managing Partner of a Blockchain Financial Opportunities hedge fund.
  • CryptAByte.com, a secure messaging service based on public key cryptography.
  • Liberty.me, an integrated social network and blogging platform which launched with a Bitcoin-supported crowdfund, and pioneered Bitcoin shopping cart integration in 2013.
  • C2CX: A leading crypto asset exchange with advanced trading features for Asia-Pacific market.
  • FEE.org, the leading platform for advocating free markets and entrepreneurship to young people, and a blockchain advocate since Bitcoin was $14.
  • David was the lead developer of Mises.org, from 2004 to 2014, of Liberty.me 2013 to 2017 and FEE.org 2015 to 2017. 

David spent 5 years in Shanghai, China, during which time he consulted with foreign businesses operating in China on information security best practices.  He previously worked as an information systems architect for Education First, VML (part of WPP), Match.com, Essilor America, and Reynolds and Reynolds.   David is currently the Director of Marketing and Technology at the Foundation for Economic Education.  He holds a Masters in Management of Information Systems from Texas A&M Mays Business School.