When I’m not rescuing Bitcoin wallets, I work with clients helping them make the most of their Bitcoins and most other crypto assets.
With four years of experience in the blockchain space, including the Bitcoin exchange I built from scratch and a Blockchain hedge fund, I am familiar with both the technical and financial aspects of the cryptocurrency space.  I charge a flat rate of $160/hour — in fiat or BTC, but other arrangements are available.  To get started, please book a free 25-minute consultation.

Services Include:

  • Forked coin claims (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond etc):
    • Did you know you can earn a substantial dividend on your existing Bitcoin holdings?  If you have not claimed your Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Stellar Lumens, you can make a non-trivial return on your Bitcoin holdings.  We will help you claim your Bitcoin Cash/Gold/Diamond using a process that keeps your existing Bitcoins safe.
  • Security consultation and implementation.
    • We will analyze your security process and work with you to implement best practices.
  • Crypto market trading and support:
    • We will help you safely, quickly, and efficiently sell 10-10,000 Bitcoins on crypto markets such as GDAX and Bittrex.
  • Over the counter transaction introduction and support (only for transactions worth $250,000+):
    • We will give you a personal introduction to major OTC traders who can help you buy or sell large cryptocurrency orders.
  • Strategic market & technology advice:
    • Get a background on current trends in the cryptocurrency space, which may act as fundamental drivers of long-term price moves.