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If you've lost access to your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet, we can often recover it. We've helped thousands of people using our expertise, specialized tools, and high-powered hardware. We have dozens of positive reviews, media mentions, and podcast appearances.

We guarantee a successful recovery for many common problems. We are registered in Colorado as Veksler Consulting LLC. We welcome in person consultations and recoveries.

We charge 20% (for wallets under 10 BTC) of the recovered amount after your coins are back in your possession. If your wallet is worth 10-100 BTC, the fee is 15% and 10% for over 100 Bitcoin. To protect you, we back our work with a legal contract.

Common Services

Forgotten password recovery

We'll brute force your crypto wallet until we find your password.

Incomplete recovery seed list recovery

Seed list incorrect/incomplete? We fix that!

Old/Unsupported wallet recovery

If your wallet does not open for any reason, we can extract your keys

Broken PC/phone/hardware wallet recovery

Extract your Bitcoin from your wallet device.

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Years of Experience

How does our service work?

Step 1: Understand your situation

First, we’ll ask you to describe your situation and agree to our service contract.  We support communications by email, phone, encrypted messaging app, or in-office visit in Denver, Colorado.  (See this FAQ on the kinds of recoveries we can perform.) Before we proceed, you will be informed whether recovery is likely or not.

Step 2: Gather required information

If you have your wallet file, you can send it directly to us by an encrypted channel or physical delivery. If you don’t know how to find it, we’ll guide you over a phone call, email, or in-person visit.  If we’re helping you with a damaged device, we’ll provide you with shipment information.

If you don’t remember your password, we’ll ask you for a list of sample passwords you might have used.

Step 3: Recover your Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency:

Once we have received the information needed to start processing your situation, you will receive confirmation that we’re ready to begin, and another we start on your case.

For forgotten passwords:

We’ll create a list of tokens to submit to our brute force tool. These tokens are designed to test every possible variation of your password ideas. 

For corrupt or deleted wallets:

We wrote the top guide to the recovery of corrupt or deleted Bitcoin wallets. We follow this process when possible. 

Step 4: Returning your Bitcoin back to you

After a successful recovery, we’ll ask for a destination address to returning your coins, minus our fee.  Our service includes advice and assistance on setting up a new, secure wallet. 

Step 5: Removing your personal data

After the recovery is complete, or if we notify you that recovery is not possible, we will securely delete your personal data.  If you sent us a device, we will offer to ship it back to you or to destroy the storage media.

Why Choose Us

David Veksler

Schedule a video call, visit the office in person, do background research on my LLC, and watch my interviews.


Most recoveries are done the same business day you provide your information.  For supported scenarios, recovery is guaranteed. is Colorado, USA-based LLC with a physical address.  Our work is backed by a legal contract.

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Simple recoveries can be completed within a single business day. No fee until your wallet is back.


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About Us

Real Professionals You Can Meet In Person

David Veksler
Founder, The bitcoin consultancy & Managing partner of vellum capital

David is the Managing Partner of Vellum Capital, a cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund founded in 2018.  At Vellum, he oversees cryptocurrency operations, security, counterparty relationships, market research, and digital marketing.

In 2013, David built a cryptocurrency exchange for the Asia-Pacific market.

In 2017, David founded The Bitcoin Consultancy.  He has advised thousands of customers on cryptocurrency-related issues.

Case Studies

two trezors
A client sent a Trezor Model T with a lost recovery seed and a bad display. When I plugged it in, I saw the LCD backlight lit up, but…
Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 9.04.55 AM

I jailbroke an iPhone, installed SSH, ran an exploit on the Secure Element chip to dump the KeyChain data, including a cryptocurrency wallet seed that a client had forgotten their passcode to.

corrupt wallet

“To call him ‘highly recommended’ is a genuine understatement.”

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