Shipment Instructions for Hard Drive & Smartphone Data Recovery

If your hard drive, laptop, or smartphone has a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet on it, we may ask you to ship it to our office for recovery.   Once we receive your device, our team will use professional forensic data recovery software to extract the wallet software in order to return it to you.

Please note the following:

You are responsible for shipping your device safely

We will take great care to prevent further damage or data loss once we receive the device.  However, we are not responsible for any damage which happens in transit, especially due to insufficient or unsuitable packaging.  We are also not responsible for packages lost in transit for any reason.  It’s up to you to package your device properly and use tracking and insurance with whatever shipping service you chose to use.

Can you recover physically damaged devices?

Some kinds of damage will permanently destroy all data on a device.  Many other kinds of damage will make your device inoperable, but leave the data perfectly safe.   For example, if your laptop or phone was run over by a car, the data is probably still perfectly fine.  If your desktop was underwater because of a flood, your data is probably gone for good.  Let us figure out whether it can be salvaged.  We will offer to forward your device to a professional data recovery service if we’re unable to help.

Do I need to send my entire device or just the hard drive?

Normally we require only the physical media whether that’s a hard drive, tape cartridge or USB flash stick. We do not need your laptop, desktop computer, NAS box, or RAID server.   However, if you are unable to remove the media from your system, you may send us the entire device.

Packaging Instructions

Proper packaging will reduce the chances that your storage device will suffer physical damage during shipping. It will also give us a better chance of recovering your data.

  • Insert the storage device into an ESD shielded bag if possible.
  • Pack your device in a box with 2 inches of padding on all sides.
  • Ensure the storage device is not loose inside the box.
  • Do NOT use a plain envelope or bubble pack envelope.
  • Do NOT allow multiple devices to touch each other.
  • Put your name and phone number on a sheet of paper inside the box.

If your device is water damaged, try to completely dry it before sending it to us.  Dry out all surfaces, then place it directly in front of a fan overnight.