Can you recover my wallet?

Whether I can recover your wallet depends on why you are unable to access it:

  • If you’re unable to access funds because you are unable to open the wallet file, but have the correct password, there is a very good chance I can help.
  • If you have a wallet recovery seed phrase (12 or 24 words), but they are not working for some reason, I can help. I can restore up to three missing or incorrect words.
  • If you have the wallet on a broken desktop/laptop/phone, but the device is not completely destroyed, I may be able to help.  You may need to send the hard drive/phone to me by mail.  I will either repair it myself or pay for a professional repair service.
  • If you had the wallet on your computer, but the software is now missing or broken, the wallet is probably still on your hard drive.  Uninstalling wallet software from your computer will almost always leave the wallet in place.
  • If you’re unable to open the wallet because you forgot the password, but the password is under 8 characters, I can crack it by brute force.
  • If you have a good wallet with a strong password, but you have an idea of what the password might be, the chance of success is 50/50.
  • If you have a good wallet, a strong password, and no idea what the password might be, the probability is close to 0%. Sorry.
  • If your Bitcoin was stolen, I can’t help you. (Warning: Anyone that says otherwise is trying to scam you.)  However, if the theft occurred after one of the Bitcoin forks (Bitcoin Cash, Gold, Diamond, etc), you may still be able to claim coins based on the Bitcoins you held.

How do you recover my wallet?

Please read our guide:

How does a Bitcoin wallet recovery service work?

Why should I trust you?

I recognize that handing over a crypto wallet to an Internet stranger involves a great deal of trust.  I can provide three kinds of assurances that your property rights will be respected:

Legal contract:

Our wallet recovery service is bound by a legal contract available here. If you send me the wallet, and shortly after, you see activity on your address that you did not authorize, you will be able to hold me responsible.  Since my identity is public, you can hold me legally responsible for the unauthorized use of your funds. I don’t want to go to jail.  You can also request a signed legal contract cleared by your lawyer with your name and Bitcoin address.


  • I am have been a public Bitcoin speaker and writer since 2013, as you will find from a Google Search for my name.
  • I can arrange a call with one of my other customers or (if the value you are attempting to recover is substantial) well-known “celebrities” in the Bitcoin space who can vouch for me.
  • My reputation as a trustworthy non-profit executive and Bitcoin advocate is public and valuable to me.
  • If you google for the name of this website, you will find a number of testimonials vouching for my service.

I can recover your Bitcoin in person:

You are welcome to meet me in person so that we can attempt recovery together, if practical, on your own equipment.

How are you different from other wallet recovery services?

Response time:

You will receive a reply to your message within a few hours with further instructions.  If the probability of recovery is high (see the first question), you can usually get your coins back within 24-48 hours. Other services have publicly stated times as long as three weeks.

A real person:
You can call me, meet me in person or by Skype, and have a conversation about your situation.

What happens after you recover my wallet?

I will ask you to specify a new address to immediately receive your funds. Alternatively, I can advise you on how to securely store your coins at no charge.

Which currencies/wallets can you recover?

I will attempt to recover any wallet and any currency, as long as the value of the wallet is non-trivial.

Will you keep my coins safe and my information confidential?

Your coins will be stored using security best practices using a protocol I developed for securing substantial amounts of crypto assets. See “Essential Security Practices to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe” for details.  Recovered funds are stored on a hardware wallet until they are sent back to you.

Your information will be kept absolutely confidential – my contract guarantees it.

I can’t login to my wallet.  Can you help?

To access the funds you have on, you must have either the backup phrase or your wallet identifier + password.   If you don’t have those things, I cannot help you.  If you have an idea of what the password might be, I can help you.  If you have most of your backup phrase (because you forgot to write down a word) I can probably help you.

I sent my Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash Wallet (or vice versa).

I can recover your Bitcoin if you have the private key for the destination wallet.   If you are sending to any exchange, such as Coinbase or BitPay, you need to contact their customer support.  If you sent coins to the wrong currency in your own wallet, I can probably help.

Can you help me with Coinbase, BitPay, Gemini, or another exchange?

No,  I help people with their wallets.  If you need help with an exchange, please contact customer support.

How can I contact you securely?

Message me via Signal (install from or PGP/GPG at [email protected] or here.