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Only a day later, David Veksler had good news for Bob: He’d had been able to recover the wallet! All that Veksler then needed was a new Bitcoin receiving address to send the recovered coins to. Done. Project complete, with no muss, and no fuss. Bob now had just over 12 BTC in his new wallet. (There was also a small amount that Veksler recovered from a separate “post-fork” wallet.) Bob directed his son to keep 1 BTC for himself, and then to buy 10 hardware wallets in which to distribute just over 1.1 BTC each. When I last checked, it cost $10,040 to buy 1 BTC. That makes Bob’s 12-and-a-fraction in BTC now worth around $122,480. That is not a bad return on a $100 investment!

— James Wesley Rawles, author of SurvivalBlog.com

“This man will get your wallet back. He’s a genius and he’s exceedingly honest. Hire him, get rich.”

— Jeffrey Tucker, Atlanta GA

David handles wallet recovery extremely professionally and quickly… I sent him a corrupted wallet along with my best guess at what the passphrase was. He had the wallet restored and cracked later that evening, and the balance transferred into a new wallet by morning. He went on to handle splitting the wallet on the bitcoin cash fork as well. His good reputation is well deserved.

Jacob McAbee

David handled my wallet recovery with professionalism and a sense of urgency, working even into the late evening due to my scheduling needs. I would trust this service again in the future and recommend it to others who are having trouble recovering access to their crypto-coins.

Steven Law

I used The Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Service to recover my old, old bitcoin wallets. They did a very professional job as well as offering gentle understanding. I have my bitcoins in a safe place and the fee that I paid was more than worth it. I recommend David and his company for decency, honesty, kindness and ability.

Darlene Jones Armstrong-Smith

David recovered my Bitcoin wallet after I lost my password. He took no time at all to do it, even working over the weekend. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Suzy Pemberton

I called several numbers online only to get people I couldn’t understand. Finally I found Mr. Veksler, under no contract, he retrieved my funds for a reasonable fee in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs trustworthy professional services in the crypto- financial market. He is the best!

— Sam Lopez, Canton, OH

David Veksler is a real hero in my life. A few years ago I bought a few bitcoin, just for fun. At the time I knew that it was important to keep passwords and private keys protected to avoid loss or theft. I did that part well. But I did not do a good job of keeping my secrets available to me. I did not know how many bitcoin I had but I knew that I could not access them.

A mutual acquaintance referred me to David. Of course it was critical that he was referred to me by someone I could absolutely trust. I sent all the files and folders I could find to David to see if he could access my treasure. Trust was critical since I had to give him complete access. That meant he could take my coins.

Imagine my relief when I heard back from him that he had recovered my bitcoins. It was so great that he recovered them and of course that they were worth many times what I paid.

You can imagine that I was more than happy to pay David for his invaluable assistance.

David’s knowledge and integrity are the key to this happy ending.
Thank you David.

— Forrest H., Saint Petersburg, FL

Excellent service ! I thought my bitcoin was lost forever ! I had a long recovery phrase from 2015 which didn’t work today. I reached out to David and he got my coins back to me the same day ! I really appreciate it thank you !

Ronald Modeste

“He kept me posted every step of the way sending screenshots of his progress and keeping me assured that he was not running off with my wallet. Not to mention, he wrote a unique script just for my dogecoin wallet in a matter of hours. That is impressive. This guy can help you get your doge back, Shibes!”

— Embedded from the Dogecoin Reddit Community by DonFlamingo21