David Veksler

Customer Testimonial – Forrest

“David Veksler is a real hero in my life.  A few years ago I bought a few bitcoin, just for fun.  At the time I knew that it was important to keep passwords and private keys protected to avoid loss or theft.  I did that part well.  But I did not do a good job of keeping my secrets available to me.  I did not know how many bitcoin I had but I knew that I could not access them.

A mutual acquaintance referred me to David.  Of course it was critical that he was referred to me by someone I could absolutely trust.  I sent all the files and folders I could find to David to see if he could access my treasure.  Trust was critical since I had to give him complete access.  That meant he could take my coins.

Imagine my relief when I heard back from him that he had recovered my bitcoins.  It was so great that he recovered them and of course that they were worth many times what I paid.

You can imagine that I was more than happy to pay David for his invaluable assistance.

David’s knowledge and integrity are the key to this happy ending.
Thank you David.”


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